Collaboration of Medical Disciplines

Rios Nete will be a center for exchange of knowledge among medical disciplines and will combine the strengths of western and Amazonian medicine in treating patients. Traditional healers, western MDs, and clinical psychologists will work in teams to collectively assess and agree upon treatment plans that are individually designed for each patient.

A collective of traditional Amazonian healers will plan, implement, and oversee each patient’s diagnosis and full course of treatment. A Western medical doctor will also be consulted in this process, and will additionally be responsible for conducting complementary diagnostic testing, providing emergency medical care, and evaluating patients’ status and improvements. A psychologist will also be on staff to assess and monitor patients, and to help guide them through the emotional components of their healing process. Treatments at Rios Nete may consist solely of plant medicines or also include certain modern drugs and treatments, depending on the best course of action mutually decided upon by medical practitioners and the patient.