Our New Medical Director

We're very happy to announce that Rios Nete is well on its way to completed construction. It should be completed by summer. 

And also to announce that we now have a Medical Director.

Carolyn Messere, MD has joined the team as our medical director. She brings with her a wide variety of experience, including 10 years of practicing colon and rectal surgery, experience working with plant medicine research at Harvard Medical School, a background in functional and integrative medicine, and a wide background of teaching, from the 4th grade level to the surgical resident level. This includes 6 years as a faculty associate at Harvard Medical School, 2 years as a teaching fellow at Harvard Extension School, and 6 years on the surgical faculty at Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach, FL.

She also had the privilege of studying directly with Drs. Saki Santorelli and Jon Kabat-Zinn while she was a medical student at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. This began a lifelong commitment to daily meditation and mindfulness.

But mostly what Carolyn brings with her is an endless curiosity for the best ways to care for the patient. In addition to her studies of Western medicine, she has also studied Reiki, Taoism, Chi Nei Tsang, Tok Sen, Qigong, Yin Yoga, nutrition, mindfulness, and Pachakuti Mesa shamanism.

The first thing Carolyn is helping us put together is a retreat in Peru in April. Since Rios Nete will not yet be completed, this retreat will take place at a beautiful Eco-lodge in the area close to the site of Rios Nete.

Participants will have the opportunity to work directly with a genuine Amazonian medical practitioner to develop a treatment plan for their chronic autoimmune illness. They will be in Peru for 5 weeks, working with the team, which will also include Dr. Messere.

You can find out more about the retreat here.