Amazonian medicine is an important option for people with chronic diseases to consider. Yet there is no formal institution where patients from around the world may access suitable plant medicines and accompanying medical guidance.

  • Objective: Build a clinic where indigenous Amazonian medicine may be practiced and studied in a clinical context.

The ancient forests of the Amazon are home to plants with extraordinary medical properties, yet less than 5% of plant species have been analyzed. And despite the staggering potential of this vast living medicine cabinet, the rainforest continues to be cleared to make way for cattle ranches and mono-crops.

  • Objective: Bring the value of Amazonian medicinal plants into global conversation regarding the irreplaceable natural and cultural resources of this region.

Indigenous healers of the Amazon, who practice a medical methodology refined over centuries, are aging rapidly. Extensive stores of medical knowledge are in danger of being lost.

  • Objective: Collate and codify all manner of indigenous Amazonian healing practices and remedies, which may be easily referenced by healers in training, western medical practitioners, and the broader public.