Plant Medicines

Clinical practice at Rios Nete will be grounded in the Shipibo tradition, which revolves around whole plant treatments and accompanying dietary restrictions. These remedies will be prepared by brewing one, or a mix of, plants grown organically on-site at Rios Nete and may be made from bark, roots, leaves, or flowers. Traditional adjunctive therapies, such as herbal baths and massage, will often be prescribed. Some examples of plants with potent healing properties include:



Uña de Gato

Chiric Sanango

Depending on the severity of the illness, patients will be expected to follow their treatment protocols at Rios Nete from a few weeks to several months. To enable the plants to integrate into the body and catalyze healing, dietary restrictions must be followed, which commonly prohibit sugar, salt, spices, alcohol, red meat, and pork. Organic fruits and vegetables will be grown on site and incorporated in high quality meals prepared by local chefs.