Architecture & Agriculture

The clinic facilities will consist of three separate buildings connected by rustic pathways lined with tropical plants. The first and largest building will house the Clinic itself, with Doctor’s Office, Laboratory, meeting and office space, as well as a large dining area and 6 patient rooms. The 2nd building will be the Amazonian Doctor’s office, or traditional Maloka, where our resident healers will carry out their diagnostic, treatment, and patient monitoring activities. Finally, a third building will house 8 patient rooms surrounding a central spiral staircase, providing patients with beautiful rooftop views as well as privacy and individual balconies. 

  • The first phase of the land use plan has been already implemented, including reforestation, soil restoration, and agroforestry systems with over 150 varieties of indigenous trees and plants including medicinal, ornamentals, and edibles. We are on track to be able to supply a large portion of the organic fruits and vegetables needed for the clinic’s patients and staff, as well as provide beautiful surroundings and gardens for meditation, relaxation, and reconnection with nature.
  • Rios Nete's medicinal plant project is well under way, with over 70 medicinal species in the medicinal plant gardens and throughout the land. We are working with our interns, field team, local healers, and experts to catalog the plants and their ecological and ethnobotanical properties.