Medical Director


Rios Nete is looking for a Medical Director to lead the development of a new Clinic dedicated to the research and practice of Traditional Amazonian Medicine in San Matin, Peru. Rios Nete is a Peruvian not-for-profit Civil Association dedicated to elevating the standing of traditional Amazonian medicine on the global stage using clinical research and interdisciplinary practice. In collaboration with curanderos and traditional medical practitioners, we seek to better understand the potential of Amazonian medicine and how it can be applied to modern global health problems. Rios Nete will document, preserve, and scientifically test the efficacy of Amazonian medicine as we believe the most effective and sustainable way to protect the Amazon and its native people is to prove its real value to the global community in a tangible way.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

1. Patient Care and Treatment

  • Participate in the development of individualized treatment for each patient in collaboration with traditional practitioners and psychologists

  • Assess patient status, diagnose, and detect urgent issues and medical emergencies

  • Monitor and evaluate patient status before, throughout and after treatment, including working with patients’ primary care physician to understand illness and treatment history of each patient

  • Provide supervision of Rios Nete medical staff and assure the safety and ethical treatment of all patients

2. Clinic Operation and Management

  • Devise operational, diagnostic, treatment, and evaluation protocols for the clinic

  • Develop and maintain internal data management tools and patient charts in accordance with international best practices

  • Supervise the administration and operations of the clinic

  • Oversee recruitment and hiring of key employees

  • Direct legal and medical documentation and compliance in collaboration with legal team and advisors

  • Manage interactions with Peruvian Ministry of Health and public healthcare system

3. Clinical Research

  • Work with Rios Nete team and advisors to design innovative clinical trials with using Amazonian traditional medicine

  • Translate, interpret, and explain the clinical methodologies of indigenous healers across cultural and scientific boundaries

4. Community Outreach

  • Participate in the development and execution of community health outreach programs in surrounding communities

Qualifications and Experience

  • Licensed Physician, preferably a General Practitioner trained in the USA

  • Prior management and administration experience in the healthcare sector

  • Bilingual English and Spanish

  • Experience in intercultural healthcare, alternative medicine, and indigenous medical practices

  • Experience and training in clinical research and research methods and design

  • Design and/or implementation of clinical trials preferred

  • Technology savvy; especially patient data management systems and Microsoft Office


  • Research: Strong research design and analytical skills; knowledge base of traditional medicine;

  • Communication: Excellent interpersonal abilities; good bedside manner and patient care; writing and verbal skills in English and Spanish; effective communication across cultural and language differences/barriers

  • Decision-Making: Ability to evaluate risks and opportunities; uses analytical and problem-solving skills; able to prioritize; respond nimbly to developing situations; open-minded to different world views and ways of thinking

  • Execution: Excellent management skills; self-guided, proactive, insightful, diligent, and extremely well organized; resourceful

  • Leadership: Thinks innovatively and creatively; can lead a diverse team in patient care and clinical research; strong professional representation of the organization and clinic

  • Teamwork: Works well in diverse teams composed of many different stakeholders with diverse backgrounds and world views

Working Conditions

  • Applicants must be willing to relocate to San Martin, Peru

  • Candidate must be willing to live on site part time.

  • 40-50 hour per week, variable schedule

  • Travel as needed to fulfill responsibilities


In accordance with experience

To Apply

Interested and qualified candidates are invited to send their CV along with a letter of motivation to Rios Nete Program Coordinator Sydney Nilan with the subject line: “Solicitud Director Medico_First and Last names”